Monday, November 5, 2018

It's hard being the new kid in class...

... or the new chicken in the chicken yard!

A friend of Jimmy and Regina's had chickens that they wanted to re-home, so she brought her chickens to the chicken yard here...
Some of the new ones -- the greyish colored one is (I think) a Lavender Orpington.

The one to the right with a naked neck is a Turken (

The one in the foreground with the tufts under her beak is an Ameraucana. It seems that they will lay light blue eggs ( - though no proof of that yet from these... moving to a new location and dealing with being in a new environment has not done great things with egg production.

For the first couple of days, there wasn't much mingling between the "new" chickens and the ones that have been around for a while (seen in the background of this picture). But, the roosters from the "new" flock, along with some of the hens, went to Kendra's chicken yard across the field, and it seems that there is starting to be a bit more peace in the chicken yard here.
It's hard being the new one, whether a kid in class, or a chicken in the chicken yard!

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