Friday, April 20, 2018

Pictures from around and about...

At Vista Ridge Mall, or... now... Music City Mall - the inside shopping center that used to be closest to our house in Coppell - it was purchased sometime in the past couple of years. It still has the big anchor stores (Sears, Penneys, Dillards, Macys), but there have been a lot of empty spaces inside the mall.We stopped by there a few days ago...
... I was surprised but pleased to see this at the door!

I was getting some tests done and this picture was in the room where the test was done... I asked the technician where the picture had been taken and she did not know. I thought it may have been an older building, but I researched it and it is from the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth - built in 1998.

This is an odd picture at an odd angle - it is from behind a cabinet in the "wall" of Miss Doozie. We had noticed a leak in the wet bay when we were running water in all three sinks at the same time. Mike here at NIRVC discovered a pipe behind the shower that had been gnawed by a rodent. We don't think it is recent damage, and he was able to patch it with epoxy... but finding it and getting to it to repair it was a challenge! He had to cut a hole through the back of the cabinet next to the shower in order to access the pipe and patch it.

We decided to close our safety deposit box on this trip through the DFW area - thus a picture of our empty box! The bank person with whom we worked to close the box asked if we were moving out of the area, and we said that we were... he said that is the only reason people close safety deposit boxes - that they are very hard to obtain! I guess banks are no longer building space in their new branches for safety deposit boxes. It seems to me that the materials that we used to have in it are now stored electronically (stock certificates, savings bonds, negatives from pictures) and that there may be less demand, but he said that Coppell has a lot of residents from India and they all want safety deposit boxes for their papers.

So... I was looking around the safety deposit box room and saw this near the door - it says, "Emergency Ventilator - Snorkel". Huh? Why is this in the safety deposit box room? In case you get locked in after the bank closes??? I think you can always get *out* of the room, but not in? Call me "confused"!!!

At Fry's Electronics we saw "Pet-ture Perfect Treat Launcher" - I think this must work better for dogs than it would for cats...

But then I saw this "Pet Hammock" which definitely is a kitty item - it indicates it is "Reversible for leopard print or beige"... Maybe small dogs would like as well...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Other rigs on the lot with us

There are a LOT of motorhomes here at National Indoor RV Center in Lewisville, TX.
This one was a little down from our original location...

... I don't think anyone was in it, but it was lit up like this!

Dwayne said it looked like it was grinning at us! Usually the rigs in for service have a paper in the front with the customer's name and service advisor's name, and this one did not have that, but it also doesn't have a sales price in the front... so I don't know whether it is for sale or in for service! (Note: the next day it had a service card in the front window.)
The next night, there was a second one that had its clearance or marker lights on...

I wonder if Miss Kitty got inside and turned those lights on!?!?!
Another one had its locks highlighted...

Almost all of the compartment locks were lit up...

On both sides! Isn't that fancy! Of course, Miss Doozie has an inside control for the compartment locks which makes it very easy to lock and unlock!
The one with the lit-up compartment locks indicates it is sold, but I'll bet that if you have a spare $1M they could order one up for you just like it!

I think all of the ones under the awning are either stored there, or possibly they are rigs that are going to be soon picked up by their owners. This facility has a very large indoor storage facility, and if you store here, they do all the preparation for you to pick up your rig before a trip - checking fluids, topping up the fresh water, dumping grey and black, turning the refrigerator on -- Lots of high end coaches here! We're the poor relations that are allowed to stay on the back lot! No - they don't treat us any differently than the $1M+ rigs that are in here!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tabitha and her Nippy Knot

When the kitties go to the vet, they each get a Nippy Knot (catnip filled toy).
Tabitha was pretty exhausted after her visit to the vet, and she particularly likes catnip, so she had her head resting on her Nippy Knot!

Both Tabitha and Miss Kitty are happy to have their annual appointments completed!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Visiting with friends

We got to visit with friends on Tuesday....
We met up with former IBM co-workers for lunch...

... and got together with Faye afterwards for dessert!
It sure is nice to get to see friends!!!

Completing the task of locating the spare tire on the roof

With the addition of the solar panels, we thought that the tire may have been covered enough so that we did not need to cover it, but there was still a portion exposed, so we ordered a tire cover. We had also gotten tarps that we could use to cover the solar panels in case of a severe hail storm,
... so we put the tarps and covers in the inside of the tire on the roof.

Dwayne had gotten a piece of plywood and cut it to create a flat surface on the top so water would not collect.

The cover went on pretty easily!

We cinched it on with a strap...

... and then also tied it with the rope tie that had been provided with the cover.
We are hoping that, since we have a spare, we'll never need it!

Monday, April 16, 2018

More Doctor Appointments

While Miss Doozie was in the shop today,

We took the girls in for their annual checkup... the picture shows Tabitha in her soft-side kennel... she had been crying pretty continuously in the Jeep, but once we got into the veterinarian's office, she hushed up... maybe she thought we would forget she was there?

A cute poster in the vet's office - you may not be able to see it, but the whiskers on the cats are in rainbow colors!
Good news: Tabitha is now at the desired weight! So, she is no longer on a diet, but we will still control her intake to ensure she doesn't start gaining it back!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

National Indoor RV Service Center

We moved Miss Doozie to National Indoor RV Center (NIRVC) on Saturday after I got back from Colorado Springs. They had had a big "Customer Appreciation" event for their customers over the past few days at WinStar Casino in Oklahoma... so we wanted to get in on Saturday before the show coaches and other customer coaches started coming back in...
We found an open parking place right next to another Blue Bird already in here for service.
Also while we were driving around on Saturday, we saw a classic car on the streets near NIRVC.

It turned and came down the street next to us... I'm sure my brother will know precisely what kind of car it is!
The parking area has gotten quite busy today - two show coaches are in the driveway just in front of where we are parked, and others are located around the lot. I suspect tomorrow is going to be a very busy day! At least for the folks who work here!!!