Monday, October 14, 2019

How do we pray?

Several years ago I heard a Christian speaker and comedienne, Iris Blue.

One of the things that I remember from her was, "As Christians, we spend more time trying to pray people out of heaven than pray people in..."

She went on to say that, particularly in our prayer meetings, we spend time praying for healing of our friends and loved ones who follow Christ (who, if they pass away, would be in heaven), but rarely are even comfortable *sharing* that we *have* a family member or friend who is not following Jesus. We lie to ourselves, "He walked the aisle when he was 8." "She was baptized as a teenager." "He isn't living the way that he ought to be, but I'm sure he is saved." Ultimately, we could be condemning them to a life in hell.

I don't remember really anything else she said (although I remember that she was funny!) - but that poignant thought...

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The sweetie that I get to work with...

I have posted pictures of Iris before - like here:

Her mom was in a meeting across the hall from my office on Thursday... Iris was wanting to be a bit noisy, so Mary wasn't able to participate fully in the meeting. I went out in the hall, and Iris gave me a big smile and came to visit me in my office for a little while.
We took some selfies - she enjoyed seeing that cute little girl on my phone screen.
I played some nursery rhyme videos on my phone for her. She is, I think, 9.5 months old - and crawling like mad... I am blessed to work with some really wonderful folks!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The yurt is here!

I posted a few days ago about a yurt being built on the campus:

About a week ago, I was in the area where it is and it looked like it was about finished:
I didn't walk down to it - I have heard that it is to have French door, so it looks like one of the doors is open.
Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit it - we were setting up for a big conference that is being held on the center starting Friday night. They wanted to have the ability to have a place that folks could print boarding passes or maybe other small jobs down near the event center. There was a printer in the office I use which is not very much used, so we decided to relocate it to the yurt. So, I went with Doug to put it in (not that I was any help, other than recommending caution that he not hurt himself!!).

I took a couple of pictures of the interior:

I think that the center hole is covered by a plexiglass kind of window. There is just the one carpet on the floor - I'm thinking that it may have origins in Mongolia.

That's the French doors from the inside.
I understand that it has windows that can be unzipped (the canvas unzipped) and then those black-edged things on the left side of the bottom picture could, I think, be used to cover the opening - to allow light in but not outside air. They looked like plastic sheeting with black heavy-weight material around the edges.

I think there is up-lighting at the top of the walls to provide indirect lighting when it is dark.

It will get used this weekend!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

4th Nomad-iversary!

October 10, 2015 was the date on which we completely moved into Miss Doozie - 4 years ago. We had both retired in 2014, Dwayne at the end of May and I at the end of July. In July 2014, Dwayne had flown to Virginia and he and my brother looked at a used RV that I had found online, Miss Daisy. We decided to make an offer on it and it was accepted, so we were starting our RV-life.

After going out in Miss Daisy for a few short trips in 2014, we left in December to spend 4 months traveling in the winter of 2014-2015. On that trip, we decided that we wanted to go fulltime, but not in that rig. So, when we got back to Dallas in April, 2015, we got Miss Daisy ready to sell, started getting the house ready to sell, sold Miss Daisy in May, and bought Miss Doozie in July, 2015. We finished getting the "stuff" taken care of in the house, and finally completely moved in and left October 10, 2015.

Here's my post from that day:

What wonderful adventures we had in the years of our travels! What a good home Miss Doozie still is for me! I wish it could have been longer... I am grateful for the time we had... I wish Dwayne and I could have had more time together... I'm trusting God for what is next.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


I serve at the food pantry on Tuesday mornings. We got another donation of chili at the center where I work on Monday, so I was going to take part of it with me to the food pantry. I started a little earlier than normal so I could load the Jeep and still get to the pantry and to unload the chili too. It turned out that the warehouse manager for the center was there, so I didn't have to load the chili all by myself. Then, when I got to the pantry, the day manager, Jane, was arriving at about the same time, and her husband, Jim, came with her, so he helped me load the hand-cart and get the boxes inside. The lady who generally manages the freezer space, Sandra, (who had told me how much they could take) was already there, so Jim and Sandra were loading the chili into one of the freezers. I was in another room - heard a crash, and ran in there....
This is a *slightly* posed picture...

The top shelf gave way, and took out the middle shelf on its way down... It took us a while to get everything picked up - we had to find the clips that held the shelves in place (one was hiding in the middle section of the 3-door freezer) - we finally got it all put back together, and the chili loaded in, but... it was "interesting".

Last week, we had run out of donated water at the pantry. We put a bottle of water into the bags of "lunch" that we provide to the "road warriors" (homeless). It has been so hot. When I served last week, we had prayed that we would get a water donation... Sandra had told others to reserve the spot where we had been storing water because God would answer our prayers ("carry an umbrella if you're praying for rain!").
See those crates? they are full of potatoes - where the water is supposed to go.

So... today, God provided a large donation of water from Aldi's...

But the space was gone. So, we needed to find another space - which you can see in that last picture... but... there were 5 large boxes of oranges already there - and no other available space that wouldn't be in the way... so we moved the 5 large boxes of oranges onto the shelves of the walk-in refrigerator - which was "interesting" because the bottoms of the boxes were bowed out and caught on the wire shelving, but we got them in there.

Later in the morning, we were re-packing eggs (we get eggs donated in 18-count cartons and boxes of 60 that we re-pack into dozens). I was moving the crates with the eggs to be re-crated out of the walk-in, and then moving the crates with the re-packed cartons back in. Sandra came by and said, "You know, it would be great if we could move those orange boxes into that back corner in case we get a large donation of produce tomorrow from Operation Blessing." 

Okay... move the oranges again - the top box of 5 was at about my shoulder height, but Sandra and I together could get it in place. So, then we could store the eggs in a space in front of the oranges, leaving lots of shelf space for produce for tomorrow.

Let's just say that I was *tuckered* by the end of my serving there...

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Feast or Crumbs

Hey, y'all - remember that back in May, I attended the "Explore Bible Translation" class here on campus? (
A couple who attended that class with me has been accepted as members of Wycliffe Bible Translation!

They shared this video to share the heart of Wycliffe Bible Translation:
Feast or Crumbs

I think that they probably have additional training that they will be going through - on partner development, more on their roles - but you can start praying for Claudia and Michael now - thank you!