Monday, September 14, 2015

When is later?

As we have been going through STUFF in our house, one of the things that has struck me is how many consumable things that I really like I have saved through my life to use LATER! Soaps and lotions and Amano Dos Rios Chocolates that I have purchased - some that I cannot acquire anymore (a scent that is no longer made or something that I picked up on a trip to some exotic location).

I wonder: What am I saving them for? When would the "later" come that would make it okay to go ahead and use them?

So... I'm using them now! I'm enjoying these special soaps and lotions each day, and chocolate as a special treat, and they all make me smile. I'm so glad that I am doing the chore of cleaning out my STUFF so I get to enjoy these items that make me smile!

Are there things that you have saved away because they are rare or precious and you aren't using them because they are rare or precious to you? When will you use them? Don't let them wait to be cleaned out by someone who clears out your house after you're gone - use them now, and let them make you smile!

Just my perspective!  ;-)