Thursday, January 17, 2019

Pictures from Dwayne - North Dakota

North Dakota
Visiting with Bluebird friends

In and around Theodore Roosevelt National Park...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pictures from Dwayne - Itasca

In August, 2017, after enjoying the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque, Iowa, we decided to visit the headwaters of the Mississippi near Itasca, Minnesota.

Walking across the Mississippi

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pictures from Dwayne - July, 2017

I'm continuing to post some pictures that I had found a while ago from Dwayne's camera - these are from July, 2017, in the area around Dubuque, Iowa and just across the river in Wisconsin.

Campsite at Corps of Engineers park on Wisconsin side of Mississippi across from Dubuque

The lock and dam at Dubuque

Birdhouse in shape of tugboat - notice al the birds around it!

Doesn't look like this one is as popular...

Nor is this one...

But that one is popular!

Grain heading south....

Pleasure boats heading north...

Coal heading north...

Patti having a conversation with Mark Twain...

Beautiful fields in Wisconsin

Monday, January 14, 2019

South Main RV Park

We've gotten checked in to South Main RV Park, just off I-610 on the southwest side of Houston. Traffic around Houston lives up to its billing as being pretty bad, but we survived the trip from the northeast side of town around I-610 to the southwest part, with a brief (very brief) stopover to get the inspection of Miss Doozie accomplished.

We've gotten the inspection of Miss Doozie done at National Indoor RV in Lewisville each time before... and I really don't know what the process of doing an inspection requires, but... the inspector barely even got onto the bus, we did not disconnect the Jeep, we did not start the rig, we did not demonstrate lights... he may have walked all the way around Miss Doozie, but I didn't see him if he did! Oh well, I'm glad that it is done.

We still need to get the Jeep inspected, but elected to wait until tomorrow to do that.

We're on the very back row of the RV park - I think the sites on this row are a little bit longer...

...which is a good thing because Miss Doozie pretty completely fills the site!
The staff here has made us feel very welcome. They suggested that, since we don't know for sure what the folks at MD Anderson are going to want to do regarding treatment, that we pay for a week, and then they will credit that towards the cost of the month if we end up wanting to book a month. It is an urban RV park - sites are tight, but friendliness and kindness go a long way!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Whew... I-10...

We left Mobile at about 8am and got onto I-10. We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center and joined our church family with the live stream. We've made it about 300 miles further along, stopped for the night at the Walmart in Jennings, LA. We're right by I-10 and so will hear traffic all night, but it feels good to be off the highway for a while.

Lord willing, we'll get to Texas on Monday. Since both of the vehicles were outside the state when it was time to renew our registration, we were not able to get them inspected, so will need to get that completed in the next few days. Ideally, we'd like to get the rig, at least, inspected before we take it to the campground. We'll try to call some places in the morning and see if we can get that taken care of.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Stopped at Chickasabogue Park outside Mobile

We drove a bit over 350 miles on Saturday, making it through Atlanta between 8 and 9am which was relatively easy (at least, there wasn't a ton of traffic). We've made it to a county park just north of Mobile where we have parked in a pullthru site with full hookups for less than $10/night ($9.36).

Along the way, we stopped for fuel and to re-torque the lug nuts.
The Pilot truck stop had on-site services so we had them come to re-torque Miss Doozie's lug nuts (about 900 miles since they were last torqued).

We've stopped at Chickasaboque County Park just north of Mobile, AL.

Dwayne went out for a walk while I finished putting lasagna together and into the oven.
I got all the hookups done - electric, water, sewer - and finished one load of laundry (in the rig) and am about halfway through the second load. I feel accomplished that I got all the hookups done! My first time to have all of the responsibility, though I have helped before. And, the lasagna came out very delicious!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Passing through North and South Carolina

We made some miles today (Friday), exiting Virginia, and making it through North and South Carolina for a little over 400 miles.
The Walmarts that I had identified as potential places to stop both denied overnight parking... so I called a Home Depot near one of the Walmarts and they were happy to allow us to park. You might be able to see the store sign in the midst of the sun glare!
This puts us just under 900 miles to go... which makes me happy!