Sunday, April 30, 2017

Making friends with the "locals"

Dwayne was making friends with one of the local "residents" this evening:

We talked with his "owner" (they live in the 5th wheel behind Dwayne) when we were here in late March. He indicated that they wouldn't mind if someone wanted to take the cat, that he was very independent, as was his mother. I had seen a question on the park feed on RVillage from someone who was here in January or February asking if anyone had lost a friendly seal point Siamese cat... she had not found out who the owner was, so I'm glad at least that there is someone who looks out for the cat, though it didn't seem they were very attached to him!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

NOMADs in Ottumwa

When we were with the Christian Fellowship Birds of a Feather (CF-BOF) in Quartzsite this year, our next door neighbors were NOMADs, Paul and Shirley Hope. They posted a link to this news story from near where they live in Iowa:

Neat to see their endeavors helping others and giving glory to God!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Braggin' on my sweetie!

My sweetie (aka Dwayne) is such a caring person - this is one example from the house that I documented.

Many years ago, Dwayne made this really nice and very useful bookcase in the bedroom we used as an office. He noticed just before the house was to go onto the market that the seam between the top part and the bottom part was showing and wanted to correct that before the house would be seen by a future buyer.
The bookcase was made in two parts because otherwise it was too large to get into the room. You can see the seam between the top and the bottom.

The seam really wasn't too obvious from the front, but from the side (which was right by the door of the room), it could be noticed.

He had a small board that he measured and cut to fit (with the tiny saw on his multi-tool as we did not have many tools with us).
After a coat of paint, it looks like it has always been there!

This gives you a better view of the whole bookcase. He made it specifically for the types of books that we had - some large "coffee table" books (that went into the areas on the sides at the top), and then other size books - paperbacks, hardbacks, technical books - almost every shelf is a different height to provide a place for all the different books we had!
I had always thought of this room as an office, but it was not staged for this time on the market. The lady who did the staging said she thought it would be a great little girl's room with space on the shelves for dolls and accessories. So, better to leave it unstaged and the buyers can determine how they want to use it!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

There are fat tires and then there are FAT tires

We were by Academy Sports today and looked at some bicycles there. I want Dwayne to get a bike so we can ride together. Dwayne was looking at a bike with fat tires as they should provide more stability...
Those are fatter than my bike's tires - but similar in width.

Whoa - those are some FAT tires!

A couple of the options...

He wants to do some more research before purchasing, so no bike for Dwayne today.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The River

We were able to join with our church family at The River, our Wednesday night prayer and praise time this evening. We got to hear from Pastor Sastry of the Telugu Community Church in Irving, TX (same town where our church building is located). The Telugu church started in our church's facilities in 2012, though it now meets at the (I think) Hackberry Creek Presbyterian Church (they have more space available to allow them to use).

It was wonderful to hear about how God is working in the hearts of the people whom He is bringing from India into our community and how He is bringing them to faith in Jesus. We were able to pray for their new converts (many are 1st generation Christians and young - 27-38 years old) and for Pastor Sastry.

As we were leaving, Dwayne motioned for me to come over to the side of the entrance and pointed out to me:
a dove nesting in a quiet spot to the side of the entrance to our church building
Dwayne said he heard her softly cooing and went to see where she was - she looks like she has quite a protected spot, and it isn't a place where too many folks pass under, so maybe she and her family won't cause too much problem with folks passing underneath either!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Before and after pictures of the house

We had the pictures that were taken when the house went on the market in August, 2015 (those on the left side below), as well as the ones that were recently taken (last week) by Shoot2Sell (on the right side).

Photos on right side credit to Shoot2Sell. I got the pictures on the left side from the listing on