Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cow Art

My brother clued me in to "Cow Art" on YouTube.... check it out:

This guy has too much free time to be a cattle farmer... he has a lot of YouTube videos...

The cattle look like metal filings with a magnet under a piece of paper to me!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Oh! Is it milking time?

On Thursday morning, Kendra and Ricky's cat, Dallas, came over for milking time...

Whenever I pour the milk from the big milk container into the bottles for the calf, I almost always spill some, but...when a cat suddenly appears beneath the trailer and startles me, I spill even more...

Dallas didn't mind! More for him to lap up!

"Whadaya mean I gots milk on top of my head?!?!?"
I think he was just as happy to have the milk on top of his head as it was more for him to consume! He likes milk!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bus Tasks

Dwayne has been working on some bus tasks...
Both of the fog lights on the front of Miss Doozie have gotten broken sometime in the last few months - Dwayne has taken the light out and checked to ensure that they are getting appropriate power - we've ordered and received the new lights... he plans to get them installed soon!

Our kitchen pantry drawers had plastic "slam latches" - the one on the top pantry drawer broke a few weeks ago. Dwayne had glued it so it was usable, but we wanted to replace the latch with a new one. I found several options on Amazon, so ordered four different ones so we could decide which we like the best. He replaced the latches on the two top drawers with new metal ones. This is the top drawer - it got the "SouthCo" latch, which Dwayne said was superior to the other metal one...

This is the second pantry drawer - it also got a replacement metal latch. Dwayne said that this one did not fit as well and that he needed to use washers to get it to tighten down in the space. Both of them look good and seem to function well!
Just a couple of the many projects underway!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Calves and Kitty

As a dairy calf...
"Rascal" (my name for him) only nursed from his mama cow one day... and then was raised on a bottle until weaning...

He has been contained in the handling system to complete his weaning.

His mom, Morning Glory, checking out the bottle prepared for another calf.

"Is that thing in your hand edible?!?!?!?"

Isn't the topknot on her head pretty? She was clipped for the State Fair a couple of weeks ago, but left her curly top.
I'm calling her calf, "Rascal", because, even though he was raised on a bottle and has not nursed, when he was released from the handling system, he started nursing on his mama cow again... and she let him... not good! So, he isn't trustworthy to be in the field with the dairy cows.

The bottle baby - I'm calling him "Pumpkin"

Hard to get a good photo of him

Even though he has had two bottles, he still wants another!
Here's a better picture (on another day... I didn't have the bottle with me so he was not distracted by his tummy!).

Now... there is a reason that these two don't have names... I probably should call them Meatloaf and Hamburger!

One more animal to get his picture taken...
"Stray Cat" - drinking from a puddle...

Stray Cat, as is implied by his name, just showed up one day, and comes around for food. He is not at all trusting and won't let anyone get a hand on him, but, according to Jimmy and Regina, lets them get a little closer now than he did in the beginning.
Just a few of the animals that I am enjoying around the farm!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Praying Scripture

Over the past couple of years, we have been making an effort to pray scripturally - to be in accordance with God's will. Through that, we have sought to pray scripture.

Recently, a number of friends attended a conference in Dallas (The Cross-Shaped Family), and a couple of them mentioned a resource that Beth Moore provided for praying scripture over their children. I followed the link and printed out the document:

We have a number of children that we pray for every evening, so thought that this would give us fresh insights in ways to pray for them, and it has. But we are also finding it useful to use for all the folks we pray for - those in authority over us, our friends and family, those going through various trials - praying God's words over them imbues our prayers with power that our own words sometimes seem to lack. We are thankful for this resource and thought some of our friends might appreciate it too!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Some kids...

Some kids have jungle gyms, Tonka trucks, toy tractors, farm sets...

Then there is my great nephew....
Who needs toy tractors?

"I know that you have to look over your shoulder to keep track of what's happening behind."

Making sure the blade is in the right place.

I don't know whether you can see it, but he has his hand up against his face as if to say, "Uh oh, I don't think that is right!"

"Never mind, let's go see the cows!"

"We need to go around this barn..."

"Right through this gate - see? there they are!"

Back to the tractor...
"...Hmmm.... There is a seat belt here!"

"Let me get situated..."

"That's it, now I can look over my shoulder the other way!"

"What does this do?"

The hood was up, so he couldn't see forward - I don't know if that is why he kept on looking backwards, or whether he has seen his dad and granddad working on the farm and keeping an eye on the implements behind.

Better than a jungle gym...

"Ooof, urgh, aahhh..."

"There ain't no tractor I can't climb!"

"Whatcha doing Aunt Pat?"

"Seats are made for sittin'!"

Or climbing...

Such a cute (and busy!) little boy!
Sorry that I don't have pictures of his little brother yet! I need to get with it, but this one has decided that Aunt Pat is a great one to go around with! Little brother is still evaluating whether she is trustworthy or not!

p.s. power came back on at the farm early afternoon on Sunday - it is nice to have power back!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Brunswick Stew

The church where Jimmy and Regina worship had their Fall Festival planned for Saturday, October 13. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Michael eventually caused a bit of a challenge, but one of the tasks that needed to get completed was making of Brunswick Stew.
When the pots and stoves arrived mid-week in preparation for the cooking... there were only two paddles, and one of those was rather puny, so Jimmy asked Dwayne to make new ones from an oak board. Here Dwayne is cutting the bottom of one of the new paddles with the pattern laying on top of the board.


All cut out and major sanding completed, now doing some hand sanding.

Prepared for putting oil on the new paddles.

Pots cleaned and ready for making stew.
There was a slight problem... Michael came through on Thursday afternoon/evening and left most of the county without power, including the church, where the plan had been to cook the chicken and de-bone it as well as prepare the vegetables on Friday. No water, no lights, etc. In addition, the grocery store that was holding the chicken quarters in their refrigerator was closed on Friday due to no power - so no access to the chicken to cook! Various church members worked together to come up with a plan, that ultimately got the chicken quarters from another source, and cooked the chicken quarters and de-boned them at the farm, where a generator provided power for lights and the water pump.

De-boning chicken
Many hands helping makes the work go more quickly and the fellowship is nice too!

Boiling pots of chicken outside the shop (and right outside Miss Doozie!)
Scooping the cooked chicken out of the pots
Checking on the doneness of the chicken.
 400 pounds of chicken... cooked and de-boned late into the evening on Friday.

Beautiful sunset as the cooking went on...

A Master-piece!

Stew cooking started before dawn at the church (the photographer was not there at the time). Power came on at the church about 8am (the photographer wasn't there then either!). Cooking continued through the morning...

Canned tomatoes readied to go into the pots....

Those paddles seem to be working well!

Important to keep it stirred continuously to prevent sticking to the bottom.

Putting the tomatoes in...

Keeping it stirred....
Starting to dish it up around noon...

Keep on stirring until the pot is empty!

Filling the containers to sell...

Many quarts were sold ahead of time!
We got two quarts and enjoyed Brunswick Stew for our lunch on Saturday! We're planning for the second quart to go into the freezer for enjoyment later down the road.

Note: As of Sunday morning, power is still off at the farm - Miss Doozie is fine without external power, and Jimmy and Regina have a generator that can run the essentials as needed. Dominion Energy's website is currently indicating, "We are working to have your power restored between 06:00 PM and 11:00 PM tomorrow." But... that's their status for pretty much all of the areas that do not yet have power... so... *maybe* it will be on sooner....