Sunday, November 4, 2018

Making the roof rain-tight

The area where we are in Virginia has had SO much rain this year (it is about 17" over normal or about 25% high), and it continues to rain here every few days... so the roofing project at the church that was started yesterday needed to be "buttoned" up a little in preparation for predicted rain starting on Monday.
The side of the fellowship hall roof that is covered with underlayment (since I didn't get an "end-of-day" picture on Saturday evening, I took this when we went to church in the morning).

Scaffolding up on the side of the fellowship hall for Sunday afternoon to get the trim pieces in place.

Jimmy checks the documentation to ensure the plan is correct.

Putting up trim piece on the eaves.

Pre-drilling the holes

Nephew Ricky on the scaffolding

Jimmy on the roof above him

Removing the plastic covering that protected the trim material during shipping - likened to peeling sunburned skin or dealing with a roll of Saran Wrap that has gone awry.

Pre-drilling the pieces to go on the gable ends.

Once the first pieces went up, the plan was set and the work proceeded smoothly.

Jimmy and Dubby are working on the gable end pieces.

Ashbee made it up on the roof (she is raising her arms in celebration).

Since it is now standard time, the end of the day came early -- the needed tasks to make the roof weather-ready had gotten completed. Discussion about when the next part of the project will be done (putting the metal roofing material up). It not only needs to not be raining, but also the underlayment surface needs to be dry - current forecast implies that Saturday might be a possibility... but the weathermen here are just as predictably incorrect as anywhere else!

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