Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Measuring the strength of a gas strut

Dwayne had noticed that the gas strut that holds the door that gives us side access to the generator compartment wasn't holding the door up as well as might be desired... so we decided to see about ordering a new one. From the Wanderlodge Owner's Group, I found another owner had indicated the specs on his (ours did not have the necessary information visible on the shaft). The other owner's strut indicated a strength of 1150N (Newtons) which corresponds to 258 pounds force. When we had the one off our door, it was impossible to compress by hand, but we wanted to check what the strength of it was.

Jimmy has a piece of equipment that we could use...
Adjusting the depth of the press so it will take the length of the strut

We tried it with the gauge on the press but it was not registering for the relatively small force for the strut...

So we got our weighing scale from the bus and used it to determine the force -- it came up at 175 pounds - so about 2/3 of what it is supposed to be.
Time to order a new strut. I called Orr&Orr and they can get exactly what we need, but it will be about 4 weeks before we get it. Glad we got started on this task early in our stay!

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