Friday, October 12, 2018

Morning after Michael

The remnants of Hurricane Michael came through Virginia yesterday late afternoon into night. We had water coming in to the toilet room in Miss Doozie, around the exhaust vent and skylight, but we altered the leveling of the jacks and managed to stop the leaks (making the water run a different way on the roof). I wonder if the solar panels covering a lot of the roof help with water incursion prevention?

We lost shore power a little after 9pm and Dwayne went into Jimmy's shop to disconnect us from the house power so if/when the power came back on, we wouldn't get a surge on the bus. We had power from the batteries for at least part of the night, and set the auto gen start so it would start the generator to charge the batteries if they got low overnight. It started up at about 3am. (We are surmising that one of our new house batteries is bad because we ought to be able to last well more than overnight if all our batteries were working - we've known that we have this issue for about a month and are waiting for the battery company to give us a name of a place we can go in Richmond to get warranty service done.)

We went out for a quick walk around this morning...
It appears that the bonnets stayed on the round bales!

The one thing that Dwayne and I participated in with regard to preparation for the storm!

The bulls are up and eating: "We bulls wobble but we don't fall down..."
Sun is coming up...

... a lot cooler today...

... sun peeking up over the horizon!
We've been praying for the emergency workers and power company employees. It will be a busy day.

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