Thursday, October 4, 2018


Wednesday was the day to visit Yorktown. One of our rally members has lived in Yorktown nearly all of his life, and it was great to have him along to help us on our day.

We drove down the Colonial Parkway from Williamsburg (just outside the Visitors Center) to the Yorktown National Historical Park. We arrived just in time to see the video in the Yorktown Visitors Center, and just as the video ended, were able to join a walking tour of the area right around the Visitors Center being given by one of the park rangers, that was EXCELLENT!

The British commander, Cornwallis, chose this location to set up his defense because (1) the river is narrow at this point, and he positioned backups on the Gloucester side, and (2) the Royal Navy could come in to provision him.

British flag

After the walking tour, we drove the Auto "Battlefield Tour", which took us to a number of interesting sites.
French flag at Siege Line

Another view of the Siege Line

The taking of these two positions made a huge difference in the outcome of the battle in the favor of the Allied forces.

Redoubt 10

American flag at Redoubt 10

The articles of surrender were worked out at Moore House

The sticking points - regimental flags must be cased, and the victors did not give the vanquished the honor of professionally saluting the victors with their own songs.

Moore House
This home has windows on the sides of the chimney - I was wondering if that implies it is deeper than Jimmy and Regina's house?

Surrender Field

Surrender Field

Trophies of War

 Finally, we drove to the Yorktown Victory Monument...

Having grown up within an hour of these historic locations, you would think that I would have visited them several times in the past... but I honestly think that I had only visited Yorktown one time before this visit!

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